Saturday, March 7, 2009

Here is a Tip to All You Snowmobile, Off Road Vehicle Drivers and Boaters

Boating while intoxicated, BWI; atv'ing while intoxicated, AWI, snowmobiling while intoxicated, SWI will NOT affect your right to drive your car or automobile to work or pleasure. In New York State, if you have been convicted under the NY State Parks and Recreation law while operating an ATV, snowmobile or boat while intoxicated, be advised that because of constitutional limits in the penalties, you will still be allowed to drive your car anywhere unrestricted on public roads with no limitations. The reason for this is that an operator of a snowmobile who does not have a motor vehicle operators license, AKA drivers license, could hypothetically be stopped and ticketed for drunk driving on his snowmobile and the maximum penalty according to law would be his registration would be suspended or revoked. Therefore a person who has a drivers license, who was similiarly stopped and arrested for the same offense, could not be penalized more than one who doesn't have a drivers license.

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